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EXWAY® Wave Electric Skateboard

EXWAY® Wave Electric Skateboard

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Swappable Drivetrain
Some boards go fast. Some go far. Some go off-road. Some hit the streets. Scrap the bells and whistles of other boards, the EXWAY Wave remains. It’s an ultra-stable, compact, daily driver to get you from Point A to Point B. Ride the Wave to drop off packages or check the surf. Ride the wave to grab a burger at lunch. If you fly, it’s your carry-on. If you prep, stash it in your go-bag. The Wave won’t take you to the “back forty,” but it’s a fun way to get where you gotta go for most of the *adulting* stuff you do.

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EXWAY Wave is like a Ford Fiesta, but fun. It’s compact and comes with the basics. If you ask Santa for an electric skateboard for Christmas, this is what mom will put under the tree (oops, spoiler alert). If you’re a college student, ride it between dorms and classes. Young professionals love that it stows under your seat or in a duffle bag (or a suitcase if you’re an actual professional). Best of all, it’s hella agile in case you gotta bite the curb to dodge a swerving semi piloted by an NPC texting his chihuahua’s hair stylist.

Quick Swap Batteries: Not only does the Wave fit in a go-bag, you can swap the batteries in under 10 seconds. When the world’s ending, that’s a bad time to run out of “GO” juice. With the Wave, you don’t have to worry about that because you’ll have a fresh battery ready on the fly.

In-House Deck: The Wave’s deck leverages a cruiser-style design with variable concave foot pockets and wheel flares. Plus, it has a kicktail for drop-n-go riding. Bottom line? This board’s made to break up the daily grind.

ESC 2.0 + Simple Lighting: The quick swap battery needs space. So Exway built the ESC into the base of the drivetrain to free up room. The front and rear lights are also part of the drivetrain, powered by a touch-button remote so you never have to bend and reach again. What you get is a compact board, with lighting, smart features, and plenty of space for the quick-swap.








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Product Features

Quick Swap Battery

RGB Taillight

Swappable Drive Train

Integration ESC


Kicktail Design

When you gotta go you Gotta go. The EXWAY Wave is always ready to get you there.

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Under the Hood

(Figuratively Speaking)

  • ✅ Top Speed: 32mph
  • ✅ Power System: Belt
  • ✅ Battery Capacity: 701Wh
  • ✅ Motor Power:6370W
  • ✅ Deck: Carbon Fiber
  • ✅ Deck Size: 1186x312x160mm
  • ✅ Peak Output Power: 3528W
  • ✅ Braking: Regenerative Brakes
  • ✅ Warranty: 6 months
  • ✅ Trucks: Trist 10.5\"RKP (Forged+CNC)
  • ✅ Remote: R3
  • ✅ Bluetooth: 5.0
  • ✅ App: ExSkate
  • ✅ Charging Time: 4.3H (Standard)
  • ✅ Charging Time: 0.9H (Quick Charger)
  • ✅ Standard Charger: 210W GaN
  • ✅ Max Load: 350kg/780lbs
  • ✅ Hills: 40%
  • ✅ Griptape: Shock-absorbing griptape
  • ✅ Belt Size: 255/280/300/340/375

"There simply isn't another short board that I know of that comes close…"
- Daniel Kwan

Questions? Meet answers.

Is EXWAY Wave the right electric skateboard for me?

Depends on what you want in a skateboard. If you need a board you can ride every day reliably and store just about anywhere, the EXWAY Wave could be a fit. If you’re not sure, take this quiz to find out which board makes the most sense for you.

How far can the EXWAY Wave actually go?

The EXWAY Wave is designed to take you distances of about 12 miles. That’s a good stretch. You can cross entire towns or small cities with a range like that. Plus, if you get low on charge, just quick-swap your battery and hit the road again.

How fast can I go on the EXWAY Wave?

In terms of speed, EXWAY Wave’ll reach 23 MPH. That’s just about right for beginners, students, and working professionals who don’t want to show up on the job with road rash.

Is the EXWAY Wave compatible with more than one drive type?

Definitely. The Wave can be used with belt and hub drives using our in-house trist RKP trucks. Easily swap one out for the other and quickly go from the HUB power system to the RIOT power system for a completely different riding experience.

Ready to Order Your EXWAY Wave Compact Electric Skateboard?

Step on your board, skate off like lightning. Don’t let “someday” turn into “wish I woulda.” Zoom through life right now.

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