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ACEDECK® NYX Z1 Off-road Electric Skateboard (2023 Model)

ACEDECK® NYX Z1 Off-road Electric Skateboard (2023 Model)

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If an electric skateboard came alive and built a cult following through its charisma, charm and apocalyptic preaching, this would be it (minus the preaching). When the sky ignites and acid rain falls, when the whole world crumbles, you’ll want the Acedeck NYX Z1 off-road at your service. This board might literally save your life in your darkest hour. Rocks. Dirt. Hills. Rubble. Whatever the terrain, the Z1’s got your back. Question is, do you got the chops to ride it out?

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The Acedeck NYX Z1 is for REAL off-roading and urban exploration. It glides over gravel and zooms up hills like gravity doesn't exist. Whether you’re on the streets, back alleys, in the dirt, or even riding through the city’s sewage tunnels, the Z1 will get you through the roughest places without a hitch. Revolutionary Gear Drive Tech: In 2022, the Z1 took the industry by storm when it launched as the first pre-built gear-driven electric skateboard. For 2023, Acedeck levels up again with another massive gear drive system upgrade that’ll blow your friggin’ mind. Honestly, the Z1 is untouchable. Badass 120A ESC: If you’re not familiar with ESC, it’s the electronic component that handles your favorite board attributes like speed and direction control, breaking, and other stuff you might need when you’re flying down the road at nearly 40 MPH. TLDR; the better your ESC, the better your board responds. Top Speed Nearly 40 MPH: Do you realize how fast that is? When you’re riding all buckled up and comfy in mom’s Accord, it’s not that fast… BUT ditch the seat belt, the air bags, the doors, walls, and ceiling, suddenly, Earth starts to spin a lot faster. The Z1 boasts a ridiculous top speed of 37 MPH. Head downhill on a windy day and you better wear a parachute. Some Call It The “Hill Master”: The NYX Z1 is built with a powertrain that renders hills a joke. If you’ve ever ridden an electric board, you know what happens when you face a big hill. With some boards, you gotta step off and carry your deck to the top. That sucks. The good news? That’s not your life after today, because the Z1 is an electric mountain board that goes where lesser boards can’t.








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Product Features

Industry Leading Gear Drive Technology

Game-changing 120A ESC

2 Configurations

Sleek Look & Premium Finish

Precision Trucks & Hubs

IP65 Water Resistance

Engineered for the toughest off-road terrain.

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(Features List)

  • ✅ Top Speed: 32mph
  • ✅ Power System: Belt
  • ✅ Battery Capacity: 701Wh
  • ✅ Motor Power:6370W
  • ✅ Deck: Carbon Fiber
  • ✅ Deck Size: 1186x312x160mm
  • ✅ Peak Output Power: 3528W
  • ✅ Braking: Regenerative Brakes
  • ✅ Warranty: 6 months
  • ✅ Trucks: Trist 10.5\"RKP (Forged+CNC)
  • ✅ Remote: R3
  • ✅ Bluetooth: 5.0
  • ✅ App: ExSkate
  • ✅ Charging Time: 4.3H (Standard)
  • ✅ Charging Time: 0.9H (Quick Charger)
  • ✅ Standard Charger: 210W GaN
  • ✅ Max Load: 350kg/780lbs
  • ✅ Hills: 40%
  • ✅ Griptape: Shock-absorbing griptape
  • ✅ Belt Size: 255/280/300/340/375

"This thing’s an absolute BEAST." - Thomas BBoy Stretch

Questions? Meet answers.

Is the ACEDECK NYX Z1 the right electric skateboard for me?

What do you want in a board? The Acedeck NYX Z1 is well-rounded. It handles streets and backroads like nothing, and it’s built tough on purpose. But if you’re not sure, take this quiz to find out which board makes the most sense for you.

How far can the ACEDECK NYX Z1 actually go?

The Z1 can take you nearly 50 miles. That’s a long long distance. You could travel between towns, across town and back, or even use it for a quick commute down the road. Either way, it’ll get you where you wanna go.

How fast can I go on the ACEDECK NYX Z1?

Pretty darn fast. This one gets up to 37 MPH and tackles hills like they don’t exist.

Order Your ACEDECK® NYX Z1 Off-Road Mountain Board

Ride your way to the top. Remember to look down on everyone else whose board couldn’t make it😛

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