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ACEDECK® Nomad N1 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

ACEDECK® Nomad N1 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

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Fast, period. We could stop there, but it’s fair for you to get the full experience. The ACEDECK Nomad N1 is like if you put the Flash on wheels. That’s an exaggeration, but this skateboard was built to move and we’re pretty sure it’s engineered with Thor’s lightning (or other cosmic forces). The manual says it’s powered by 6384 motors with a top speed of 37 MPH. And it’s not just the number that matters, it’s the design - aerodynamics that send you zipping down the street that makes this board the top seller for 2023. Move fast and get yours before it's gone.

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ACEDECK Nomad N1 Electric Skateboard is for when you’ve got somewhere to be and shoulda left 10 minutes ago. It’s made for speed, with *GO FAST* stitched into every inch, even down to the atomic level (we can’t prove that, but have faith). The Nomad N1 leverages a split-angle deck and inverted nose/tail to balance aerodynamics with stability to keep you rolling on wheels rather than your torso bouncing down the pavement. It’s also super durable and it can take a hit. Plus, you’ll ride in style. That’s why the Nomad N1 keeps selling out. It’s just that good.

60A and 90A ESC Options: The Nomad N1 leverages an upgraded 60A ESC for a hefty 20% performance boost compared with older models. You also get the option to go further with the 90A ESC that smashes right through 7,000 watts!

Split-Angle Deck: Designed with downhill longboards in mind, the Nomad N1 uses a split-angle deck to improve aerodynamics which leads to more speed and better stability. The addition of an inverted nose and tail lends more balance to your ride to keep you on your board.

Ride in Style: Hit the road with your choice of CNC wheels. Wanna get off the beaten path? Swap ‘em out with all-terrain wheels (sold separately). Plus, the Nomad N1 Electric Skateboard comes with an LED light for flashy night rides. However you wanna be seen, this board’ll show you off.










Product Features

Belt Drive & Gear Drive System

LED Lights for Night Riding

Powerful 60A ESC or 90A ESC

Long Lasting a14s Battery Cell

4.4 Transmission Ratio

Switchable CNC Wheels

Give new meaning to the words, “go fast” when you step on your Nomad N1 and take off like a bullet fired by Zeus himself.

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Under the Hood

(Figuratively Speaking)

  • ✅ Top Speed: 32mph
  • ✅ Power System: Belt
  • ✅ Battery Capacity: 701Wh
  • ✅ Motor Power:6370W
  • ✅ Deck: Carbon Fiber
  • ✅ Deck Size: 1186x312x160mm
  • ✅ Peak Output Power: 3528W
  • ✅ Braking: Regenerative Brakes
  • ✅ Warranty: 6 months
  • ✅ Trucks: Trist 10.5\"RKP (Forged + C)
  • ✅ Remote: R3
  • ✅ Bluetooth: 5.0
  • ✅ App: ExSkate
  • ✅ Charging Time: 4.3H (Standard)
  • ✅ Charging Time: 0.9H (Quick Charger)
  • ✅ Standard Charger: 210W GaN
  • ✅ Max Load: 350kg/780lbs
  • ✅ Hills: 40%
  • ✅ Griptape: Shock-absorbing griptape
  • ✅ Belt Size: 255/280/300/340/375

“The king of the asphalt zoom zoom category.” ⦁ C.A.T. Skate

Questions? Meet answers.

Is ACEDECK Nomad N1 the right electric skateboard for me?

Depends on what you want in a skateboard. If you want a board that gives you speed without sacrificing stability or durability, then the Nomad N1 could be a fit. If you’re not sure, take this quiz to find out which board makes the most sense for you.

How far can the Nomad N1 actually go?

The Nomad N1 is designed to take you shorter distances, fast. What distance? About 35 miles. That’s still a long way. I mean, you can cross entire cities and head out into the country with range like that (and you can do it fast). Just remember, the distance you travel is how far you gotta return, unless you’re on a one-way trip.

How fast can I go on Nomad N1?

The specs say 37 MPH, but that assumes you’re not headed downhill. Get a good wind at your back and you might travel through time. If you do, try not to mess things up too much. We like existing.

Can I change the wheels on Nomad N1?

Sure, Nomad N1 comes with aluminum quick-swap wheels that you can pop on/off depending on where you want to go and the terrain you plan to cover. Ride in style. Ride big tires. Whatever skates your board.

Ready to Order Your ACEDECK® Nomad N1 All-Terrain Electric Skateboard?

Step on your board, skate off like lightning. Don’t let “someday” turn into “wish I woulda.” Zoom through life right now.

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