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What are Electric Skateboards?

In simple terms, an electric skateboard is a skateboard with electric motors inside the wheels. The skateboard will have a battery under the board or deck that powers the electric motor. This makes the electric board capable of accelerating, or decelerating on its own. Unlike a traditional skateboard, the rider doesn’t have to push the board. The motorized skateboard also comes with a remote control for easy control of its movements. The remote control works using Bluetooth technology. 


Electric vs. Traditional skateboards

While both skateboards look alike, there are some major differences between an electric and a traditional skateboard.


Motor- The most obvious difference between a traditional skateboard and an electric one is the motor. The motor is how an electric skateboard is able to move on its own. Right now, there are two major types of electric board motors: hub motors, and belt-drive motors. More on these later.


Mode of propulsion- An electric skateboard uses a battery in combination with an electric motor to propel the skateboard forwards. This is unlike a traditional skateboard that requires you to kick before the skateboard can move.  


Remote control-Electric skateboards come with remote controls for starting, controlling the speed and acceleration, deceleration, and stopping of the board. Traditional skateboards have nothing of such.


Speed and acceleration- Electric skateboards are faster than traditional skateboards. The battery-powered motor of a motorized skateboard lets it reach a top speed that a traditional skateboard can’t attain. The motor skateboard also accelerates faster than regular skateboards.


Braking system- You will often find motorized regenerative or dynamic braking on an electric or motor skateboard. This allows you to stop the skateboard via the remote without dragging your leg on the ground. On the other hand, traditional skateboards require you to stop them using foot brakes, ascending slants, and grassy surfaces. 


Weight- Electric skateboards are slightly heavier than traditional skateboards because of the additional weight of the battery pack.

Deck height- Electric longboards usually have slightly higher deck heights than traditional skateboards. 

Stability- Electric skateboards are usually more stable than traditional skateboards due to their higher weight, density, and larger wheels.

Why buy an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards are relatively new but have multiple advantages over traditional skateboards. Not sure if you want one? You might want to consider after going through these advantages:

Electric boards are easier to use for beginners

A battery-powered skateboard is more beginner-friendly than a regular skateboard. You don’t have to kick with one foot while trying to retain your balance on the board with the other foot. Also, you won’t have to spend so much time on front-to-back stability. In addition, electric longboards often come with softer wheels that can roll easily with better grip. The soft wheels will easily bounce on twigs and debris, making for a smoother skating experience.       


Electric skateboards have faster acceleration and higher speeds

The fastest electric skateboards can reach a top speed of over 110 km/hr or 68 mph. This will save you a lot of time on your daily commute. The best electric skateboards come with various modes to help you regulate the speed. 


Electric skateboards are less tiring to use

Kicking on a traditional skateboard is tiring and stresses your legs. You don’t have to kick with a motorized skateboard. All you need to do is to stand and relax while the board moves on its own. You won’t sweat as much as you would on a regular skateboard, thus leaving you composed and neat. 


Electric skateboards are better than traditional boards in hilly areas.

Electric skateboards are better in hilly areas. They regulate speed better and require less stress when climbing up and downhill. You can use an off-road electric skateboard when climbing uphill or downhill, unlike a traditional skateboard that requires you to climb uphill manually before skating downhill. The motorized skateboard will move effortlessly on grass, gravel, and other rough surfaces.      


Electric boards are better for commuting than traditional skateboards

A cheap electric skateboard will save you time, money, and energy if you use it for your daily commute. You can also buy a motorized skateboard with lights on it. This is good for safety reasons and makes your skateboard more stylish. You don’t have to spend money on bus fares or fuel for your vehicle.

And if you run out of battery power, you can use your remote control skateboard like a regular kickboard. You’ll have to kick the same way with a regular skateboard. 

Electric skateboards are definitely the future.


What does an electric skateboard do?

An electric skateboard uses a battery-powered motor to propel the skateboard forwards. The skateboard electric remote control also helps to navigate, accelerate and decelerate the board.


Which electric skateboard should I buy?

The best electric skateboard that you can buy in 2023 depends on what you need the skateboard for and the terrain where you will be riding. An off-road electric skateboard is best for rocky and hilly terrains. Some electric longboards are known for their range, some for their top speed, some for their extra battery packs, some for their portability, etc. Various electric skateboard manufacturers and brands sell a wide variety of skateboards. So, you will definitely find the best electric skateboards for your needs. 


Can you use an electric skateboard as a regular skateboard?

Yes, you can. You can kick a remote control skateboard like you would kick a regular skateboard, and it will work fine. But you will lose out on the advanced features of the motorized skateboard.  


Are electric skateboards worth it?

Yes, electric skateboards are worth it. They offer various advantages, including automatic movement without the need to kick, comfortability, adjustable speed modes, remote control, fast acceleration, etc.


What is the best electric skateboard 2023?

We can’t pick authoritatively pick one skateboard and call it the best. There are various kinds and models of electric skateboards. The best electric skateboard for you depends on what you need the skateboard for and why you need it. That said, the Evolve is a very good electric skateboard.